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Slide request a free demo Build a culture of feedback - no more waiting for an annual 360 report to drive a change in yourself or others. Real time feedback

Software that promotes continuous improvement

Provide feedback anytime, anywhere

apprais.ly allows your team and organization members to provide work-related feedback in a quick and simple way, anywhere and anytime.

Receiving feedback once a year does not reflect the real state of the organization. Apprais.ly allows you to provide feedback in real time at any place, such as after an internal meeting or meeting with a client.

It’s important to provide praise to colleagues and superiors every time it’s warranted.

It’s important to provide advice to leave your comfort zone and enable personal growth of individuals in the organization.

Build trust

Feedback you provide through apprais.ly is completely anonymous which allows all employees to freely and truthfully express themselves.

Feedback stops being anonymous only if it’s deemed offensive or untrue.

Overcome challenges on time.

All in one place

Every sent or received feedback is kept for good in your notification history or web interface depending on your role and permissions.

Why is that important?

That’s the only way you can track improvement and feedback through a real situation in real time.

When to use apprais.ly?

Know your team

Look at individual effectiveness and feedback obtained from all colleagues using apprais.ly statistics.
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Better 1on1

Build a good business relationship by planning the constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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