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Software that promotes continuous development

Give feedback, anytime and anywhere

apprais.ly allows you to provide feedback to employees of your team or organization on their work performance in the fastest and easiest way ever, from anywhere and at any time.

Receiving feedback once a year, regardless of whether it is the so-called. 360 ° or some similar method, very often does not show the actual state of the organization.
apprais.ly allows you to provide real-time feedback, at any time, for example after a meeting with a client or after an internal meeting.

It is important to give praise to a colleague or superior, after each desired activity.
It is important to provide advice to get out of the comfort zone and thus enable the personal development of all individuals in the organization.



The feedback you provide through apprais.lya iscompletely anonymous, which allows all employees to express themselves honestly in the form of advice or praise.

Only when feedback ceases to be anonymous is when you report feedback for offensive or untrue content.

Overcome challenges on time.

Any feedback received and sent remains in your notification history or on the web management interface, depending on the user role and rights granted.

Why does it matter?
Only in this way can you monitor the progress and the received feedback through a real situation in real time.

When to use apprais.ly?

Meet your team

Look at individual effectiveness and feedback received from all colleagues using apprais.ly statistics.
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Better 1on1s

Build a good business relationship by planning constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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