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Software that promotes continuous development

Track the progress of each team member

As a team leader, in addition to the mobile application, you will also have the right to access the web management interface.

The development and progress of each competence is very easily monitored on a graphical display over time.

Guide each team member toward developing the competencies that are important to your organization.

Identify talents or those who need to work extra on themselves

apprais.ly makes it easy to spot your best employees as well as those who need additional advice on how to improve and in what direction to develop.

Continuous feedback follows continuous development, use feedback in the best possible way.

Work on yourself

Feedback with apprais.ly can be provided to all employees, whether it is your superior or subordinate, director or assistant.

The more feedback you receive, the more realistic a picture of yourself and the development of your competencies will be.

One should be grateful for tips with which you can learn more, there are not many business organizations that have such a system.

Initiate change in yourself and others!

When to use apprais.ly?


Provide constructive feedback that will help others improve.
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Better 1on1s

Build a good business relationship by planning constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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