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Slide REQUEST A FREE DEMO The job of a manager is to increase engagement and motivation within his team for better work efficiency.
apprais.ly quickly leads to the desired results.
Know your team better

Software that promotes continuous improvement

Track every team members’ progress

As a team leader you will have access to a web interface in addition to a mobile app.

Progress and development of each competence is easily trackable over time through a graphic overview.

Help team members improve core competencies.

Spot talent or those who need improvement

apprais.ly makes it easy to spot your best employees as well as those who need extra advice to get better.

Continuous feedback is followed by continuous improvement and development. Use feedback in the best possible way.

Work on yourself

Feedback through apprais.ly can be given to every employee, no matter if it’s a superior or subordinate, director or an assistant.

You’ll have an increasingly realistic image of yourself and your competencies the more feedback you receive.

It’s important to be thankful for advice through which you can learn; organizations with a system like that are rare.

Initiate change within yourself and others!

When to use apprais.ly?


Provide constructive feedback that will help others improve.
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Better 1on1

Build a good business relationship by planning the constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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