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Software that promotes continuous improvement

Define goals

Defining goals has never been easier using real-time feedback and statistics behind them.

apprais.ly turns feedback into easily trackable data which can be used to spot improvement, stagnation, or decline in individual competencies.

Set realistic goals and track progress in real time.

Prepare status reports

Before conducting a one-on-one conversation it’s important to create a status report which helps you to have a creative conversation with a team member.

Insight in statistical conditions of each competence and contents of anonymous feedback will make it easier to decide which competence each team member should focus on developing.

apprais.ly status report is a comprehensive foundation for a quality one-on-one conversation.

When to use apprais.ly?


Provide constructive feedback that will help others improve.
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Know your team

Look at individual effectiveness and feedback obtained from all colleagues using apprais.ly statistics.
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