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Software that promotes continuous improvement

When to use apprais.ly?


Provide constructive feedback that will help others improve.
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Know your team

Look at individual effectiveness and feedback obtained from all colleagues using apprais.ly statistics.
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Better 1on1

Build a good business relationship by planning the constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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apprais.ly process and methodology were designed in collaboration with the best HR experts. The team of experts created a unique concept that consists of nine basic competences through research and practice.

If you choose to make changes during the trial period, we can accomodate your needs.

You asked...

apprais.ly is a tool used to evaluate key employee competencies within an organization in real time. It’s a solution that consists of a mobile application for Android and iOS devices as well as a web interface for statistics overview. 

It’s very simple, in three clicks you’re able to provide praise or advice to your colleagues based on a core competency or values of your organization.

Of course! We provide a free trial of apprais.ly. Send us an email at info@apprais.ly or call us at +385 1 4813 314.

Employees provide anonymous feedback in all directions thereby creating a culture of transparency, promoting continuous development, and increasing  engagement. Employee roles become clearly defined, turnover drops, and all decisions are based on data. 

The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple iStore and works on all Android and iOS devices with an internet connection. Web interface users must have a personal computer and an internet connection. 

The fee depends on the number of users (7,60 HRK – 19,00 HRK per user) and is billed monthly without a contractual obligation. Management interface, methodology, and continuous support are included in the fee. 

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