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When to use apprais.ly?


Provide constructive feedback that will help others improve.
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Meet your team

Look at individual effectiveness and feedback received from all colleagues using apprais.ly statistics.
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Better 1on1s

Build a good business relationship by planning constructive conversations and realistic goals.
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apprais.ly process and methodology is designed in collaboration with the best HR experts.

Through research and practice, the expert team developed a unique concept of nine core competencies.

If after using the application in the trial period you decide to make changes, there is a possibility to adapt to your needs.

You asked us

It is a tool for evaluating the key competencies of employees within the organization in real time.

apprais.ly is a solution consisting of a mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices and a WEB administrator interface for viewing statistics.

Quite simply, in three clicks through the app, provide colleagues with praise or advice on one of the core competencies or values of your organization.

Of course! We have provided free use of the apprais.ly solution during the trial period. Get in touch info@apprais.ly or +385 1 4813 314.

The company’s employees provide anonymous feedback in all directions, which creates a culture of transparency and promotes continuous development and motivates employees to greater engagement. There is a decrease in the number of employees leaving on an annual basis, the clarity of the work role is increasing and decisions are based on data. 

The mobile application is downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and works on mobile devices with an Internet connection – Android and iOS operating system. Users of the WEB control center should have a personal computer and Internet access.

The usage fee depends on the number of users (HRK 7.60 – HRK 19 per license). Payment is made on a monthly basis and there is no contractual obligation. The management interface (regardless of the number of licenses), methodology and continuous support of the apprais.ly team are included in the fee.

Our satisfied customers

Read the experiences of our clients 

apprais.ly is a very simple and effective way to show your employees that their professional and personal development is important to you and to develop a culture of providing constructive development feedback

Antonija Kapović

HR director and Board Member @Span


We definitely recommend apprais.ly to anyone who knows how important feedback is and who wants to build a culture of feedback as a development tool.

Nataša Margetić Lukić

HR manager @Poslovna inteligencija


we started using apprais.ly at the very beginning of the pandemic when “work from home” came to the fore. In this way, we continued to want to provide employees with the possibility of continuous and timely feedback in all directions, while contributing to the development of an open and transparent culture.

Goran Mrvoš

Direktor @Infosit


The anonymity and user-friendly interface of apprais.ly make it one of the best applications in which organizations need to invest, in order to develop people in modern business

Andrijana Parić

Izvršna direktorica @Apsolon


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